Tribe Watersports COVID – 19
Management Policy

All students will be required to clean hands with water / soap and sanitizer when
entering the school

Students will only be required to meet at the office for sizing of life jackets, harnesses and helmets past this point all lessons will commence directly at the beach.

Drinking water and sunscreen will no longer be provided and we ask that students bring their own to lessons. This is to eliminate people sharing bottles.

All lessons will run on a one to one basis with an instructor (at no additional cost), unless they are family members who have already been in direct contact with each other for a 14 day period.

All lesson start times will be staggered so there are no students starting lessons at the same time to ensure social distancing.

All kite bars will be changed between lessons for a new clean bar. All equipment will be cleaned and sanitised after each use.

No students will be allowed to take lessons if they have been exposed to any active cases of the Covid- 19 virus within the last 21 day period.

Any students that have come from a foreign country in the last 14 days will not be able to take lessons, until they have completed a self quarantine process for 14 days plus an additional 7 day waiting period

All enquiries to be done over the phone (+254 718 553 355) as the office will be closed to reduce risks and promote social distancing. The above number is also available for WhatsApp calls.

If at any time any members of staff show flu like symptoms the business will be closed and all members of staff will self isolate for a minimum 14 day period.

For any questions or clarification please contact us on the above school line.

The Tribe Watersports Team