Beginner Kitesurfing Courses
beginner kitesurfing courses in watamu kenya

All of our beginner kitesurfing courses are aimed at turning you in to a kitesurfer. The most important thing is that you can go away from us with the ability to practice the sport safely and have a thorough knowledge of how it all works. We have created a number of options to cater for varying timescales. If none of these courses fit your time frame it is not a problem, please still get in touch as we are happy to try and create a course to suit your needs. All courses can be broken down into individual days to give you the chance to spread your course out over a given period of time.

Our courses cover the following information:High-Res-1178

  • Kite flying
  • Kite set up and safety systems
  • Launching and landing
  • Kite recovery/relaunching
  • Down/cross/up wind body dragging
  • Balance body dragging
  • Board control
  • Board starts
  • Prolonged riding
  • Deep water pack downs

3 day beginner course: $330
(all equipment and insurance is included in your lesson)

This course runs for approximately three hours a day and can have up to four people taking part. Like all our courses this course follows the BKSA course structure that can be viewed here: (BKSA Training Scheme). Your aim would be to reach Level 2 Part 7. Please remember that you can add video coaching to your course which will be reviewed after the lesson for some tips and feedback. This course can be split into individual days at the following cost: Day 1 ($115), Day 2 ($115) and Day 3 ($115). The total cost for the 3 days is $345.

There is also the option to condense your beginner course into 2 days if you are short on time. You will cover the same material as the 3 day course but the daily sessions will be longer (anywhere between 3 – 4.5 hours) depending on the number of participants. Price: $345

Private tuition and 2-2-1 courses are available for beginners as well. Please contact us for further details.