Gap Years In Watamu tribe watersports watamu kenya

Tribe gap years is our latest product aimed at giving people a step up in to a career in the Kitesurfing training industry. Not only that lead them on the pathway for the rest of their  Gap Year by advising them on Jobs and locations to take their qualification further.

Our Kitesurfing gap year program is split over an 8 week period and aims to take you from zero to hero. Arrive in Watamu, Kenya as a qualified first aider and power boat driver (included in the cost of the course) and spend the next two weeks learning to become a proficient kitesurfer on one of the worlds top ten beaches.

Once you are a competent kitesurfer we will spend the time exploring the Kenyan coast line and giving you an opportunity to try out and master a range of different conditions to give the experience you need to be an instructor .

Being a kitesurfing instructor is not just about being able to kite surf, there is a depth of theory knowledge that goes with the sport be it about weather, tides or just the different types of equipment be sure that by the time you arrive for you instructor training course you will have a wealth of knowledge.

Eight weeks of kitesurfing may not seem like a long time to be able to have enough experience to be able to start teaching kitesurfing yourself, but this is where our location comes in to play.  Watamu is blessed with two trade winds that blow through the year and bring us consistent winds every day in the seasons. With this in mind over the two months it would be safe to say that you could log 100s of hours of kitesurfing in a short period of time more than most people would be able to log in two years back in the UK or in other locations. The Kenyan coast also offers a vast array of different riding conditions and as a result offers the perfect training ground for any developing instructor.

The course is run by our head of training Ben Kelliher who has over 14 years experience working in the kitesurfing industry, and is a qualified BKSA examiner. Ben knows what is required of a kitesurfer in order to achieve their kitesurfing instructors certificate and as a result will be able to guide each individual through their eight week course to thier final goal.

Please follow through to our  “whats included” page to see  what you will achieve when here in Kenya with us.