Hydro foiling  Kitesurfing in Watamu, Kenya

tribe watersports hydro foiling

Tribe has launched Kenya’s first hydrofoil training school. For those of you that have yet to see this awesome aspect of kitesurfing it is not to be confused with foil kite. Hydrofoiling or “Kitefoiling” involves having a wing under your board attached to a meter long mast that lifts you up and out the water on your board. It is commonly described as like riding on a magic carpet it really feels like you are flying above the water, this is exaggerated by the silence as the board makes no noise as it cuts through the water.

Hydrofoil Kenya

Hydrofoils are the pinnacle of technology in sailing sports, you can see them on the amazing Americas cup boats and even now on windsurfing boards. Using these wings with kitesurfing makes for the most efficient for of use of the tool be that with top speeds but also their abilities in light wind. This is all down to the rider to sail weight ratio that is achievable from a kite.

Having the ability to get out on the water in very light winds really opens up the Kenya coast and Watamu in particular to an almost all year round season. Although we get a solid 9 months of wind a year, in the months in between the season we do still get light breezes almost daily. Mastering the skills of the hydrofoil will truly keep you off the beach and on the water. Gone are the days of waiting for wind.