Kitesurfing in Watamu, Kenya

Kitesurfing in Watamu, Kenya

Kitesurfing in Watamu, Kenya is some of the best in the world. By now most people will have seen or heard of kitesurfing especially as it is one of the worlds fastest growing sports. Kitesurfing can easily be described as one of the most exciting sports to take part in and combines kite flying and board skills to cruise over the water.

We provide courses that cater for all levels, from complete beginners to advanced riders. Our highly experienced kitesurfing instructors have taught well in excess of 1000 people to kitesurf worldwide. We are also have one of the worlds best kitesurfers Sam Light as part of our guest coach team. Sam, a Slingshot pro rider will be offering coaching clinics when he is able to take time away from his busy schedule on the world tour.

Common misconceptions about kitesurfing are that you need to be strong and that it is difficult to do. The truth is quite the opposite. Kitesurfing is a relatively easy sport to pick up when compared with similar sports such as windsurfing. Lessons are required so that people understand the safety aspect of the sport in order to keep themselves and any other members in the area safe. Strength is also not imperative when learning to kitesurf, indeed the female world champion was only ten years old when she won her first world title. The sport requires technique not strength and the power of the kite is controlled through a harness not your arms. This makes it the perfect sport to learn as a family as all are able to enjoy and participate.

Watamu provides the ideal natural classroom for learning this sport effectively. Ben Kelliher our head of training was one of the first kitesurfers in Kenya and grew up learning to kitesurf in Watamu giving him a wealth of knowledge on the local conditions, locations to learn, and secret spots to ride.

All our lessons and rentals are carried out with the latest Slingshot kitesurfing equipment. Our array of kites ranges from their fantastic beginner/intermediate Z Kite in all sizes to the Rally, SST wave style and the RPM which is possibly the best kite on the market.