Membership Benefits
Membership benefits of the Watamu Kitesurf club

The membership runs on a 12 month basis which begins from the date of registration. Below is a list of what benefits you receive from being a member. To register just fill out the “Join the Tribe” form located here. You can pay for your membership in the shop section of the website or in the Tribe Watersports office in Medina Palms. Please follow us on our face book page: Watamu Kitesurfing Club 

List of Benefits

Beach and water safety

There will be a member of staff on the beach to assist you on a daily basis providing advice, launching and landing assistance, equipment tuning and manning the rescue radio service. They will be based in the popular riding locations as shown in the beach guide to Watamu. The rescue craft will also be on call for all students and free riders.

Conditions updates

All members have the option to be included in our daily conditions update that will be emailed to you each morning. This will detail tide times as well as what to expect from the days worth of riding with information such as wind and swell predictions. (This can be turned on and off by request.)

Down Winders

Tribe watersports will arrange down winders free of charge to club members throughout the year. Information on when these down winders will happen will be published on our Facebook page as well as sent out in club member email alerts. Down winders we intend to do will be from Kilifi to Watamu, Watamu Bay, Watamu to Malindi, Watamu to Che-Shale.*

Members coaching

There will be free coaching periods for members Twice a month that are run from one of the beach bases. Information regarding these will be sent out in the daily conditions updates but as a general rule they will run every second Sunday of the month.


Tribe Watersports will be organising social evenings as well as discounts in Local bars and Clubs for members, more information on this will come through the year. These will be announced in our email alerts and Facebook page updates.


During the year we will be putting on events that will be aimed at getting all kitesurfers involved, as well as getting some of the worlds best riders to Kenya to showcase the amazing conditions we all get to enjoy. Involvement in these events will be free of charge to all members.

Equipment tuning and repairs

As a member you will receive free equipment tuning and repairs.*


You will receive a 5% discount in the Tribe Watersports shop on products and courses.

Club riding top

Upon sign-up you will be issued with your own club top that is yours to keep and wear on the water.
*Please see Terms and Conditions for further details.