Private Kitesurfing Coaching
Intermediate kitesurfing courses in watamu kenya

Private kitesurfing coaching is aimed at those who may have already tried kitesurfing and want a course that is catered to their individual ability. Once you have finished your beginner course and feel you require further assistance it is advisable to look at doing 2-2-1 tuition (if you are learning with a friend that is at the same stage) or 1-2-1 tuition (if you are learning by yourself). 1-2-1 or 2-2-1 tuition can also suit those of you that may have tried similar sports, e.g wake boarding or power kiting and are now looking for a fast track option to learn to kitesurf.

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Private coaching is generally aimed at those who are up and riding on a board or are confident with all kite flying excercises. Course elements can include pro-longed riding, up wind riding, turns, basic jumping, freestyle and much more including advanced unhooked riding/tricks.

We endeavor to capture your training on our GoPro cameras so we can review your progress after the lesson and for you to take away and share your experience.

Also new to Tribe, we now offer radio coaching using BbTALKIN waterproof intercoms. This has completely revitalised the way we offer coaching. These can be used during private coaching and 2-2-1 sessions and allows for 2 way conversations between you and your instructor. This means feedback is immediate and makes a huge difference when learning new tricks and improving your overall riding.

2-2-1 coaching: $45 per person per hour
1-2-1 coaching: $65 per hour

All equipment and insurance is included in your lesson