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Have you ever dreamed of scuba diving in Watamu in warm tropical waters surrounded by brilliantly coloured tropical fish?

Have you wished to encounter the oceans huge fish and dolphins close up, or experience the thrill of an encounter with a shark in its natural environment?

Are you looking to see for yourself the fabulous colours on a coral reef, discover all the fascinating invertebrates and crustacea or even meet a sea turtle face to face?

Scuba diving in Watamu

Then it is time for you to book your experience through Tribe Watersports.

Scuba diving in Watamu

The diving season extends from July to April:

  • August—September
    dives are mainly inside the reef (max. Depth 10 metres) due to rough sea conditions.
  • October
    dives take place inside and outside the reef depending on sea conditions.
  • November—January
    dives on the outer reef in generally clear, calm conditions with the chance of seeing a whale shark or two. Visibility between 13-20+ metres.
  • February—March
    the water can be cool and visibility variable, with increased fish life/ activity and the possibility of seeing whale sharks and manta rays. Visibility between 8-20 metres.
  • End of March—end of April
    variable sea conditions. Sea and weather conditions normally deteriorate from late April. Visibility between 10-17 metres.
  • May and June
    the bases are normally closed due to adverse sea/weather conditions.

Scuba diving in Watamu

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