Stand Up Paddle

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Stand up paddle boarding in Watamu, Kenya is fantastic due to the natural conditions of the area. These include large sand bars perfect for learning or for flat water freestyle and a reef that spans the length of the bay which creates epic surf for wave riding. Stand up paddle boarding in Watamu therefore allows for beginner progress as well as advanced wave riding. SUP in Watamu is also benefited by the large sheltered inland Mida creek which is great for excursions through the mangrove forest.

Stand up paddle boarding is one of the oldest forms of surfing and can be traced back to the surf instructors at Waikki beach in the 1950’s where they used them to manage large groups of learner surfers. Standing on the board gives you a better view of what is going on around you such as incoming waves. When standing up you can also see much more clearly down through the surface of the water than you can in a canoe or kayak. SUPing has more recently boomed worldwide as a “NEW” sport and is definitely new to the beaches of Kenya. Stand up paddle boarding is also the fastest growing sport in the world right now.

SUP has many advantages over other water based activities in that it can be enjoyed without surf on any flat water be it your local river, pond or beach. For the more experienced rider it can also be practiced in the surf. Lighter than a kayak and easier to store, with no moving parts it is more simple than windsurfing. It is safe and does not require expensive lessons or special conditions as kitesurfing does and is also much cheaper than sailing. Whether it be surf, river or lake, it is a great way to introduce watersports into your life and enjoy the nature around you.

SUPing is also a great way to keep fit as it works all your core muscles. Training on unbalanced surfaces is very effective for building the core muscle groups, (stomach and back) and for training muscles to fire in co-coordinated ways. The benefits are immediately transferable to other dynamic sports and activities, as opposed to traditional resistance training, where muscles are trained to work in isolated groups in a stable environment. In sport we require our bodies to provide explosive strength while we are on the move, which is the sort of benefit you get from cross-training in a more fluid environment, and this where SUP excels. It is due to these reasons that SUP has exploded on the Hollywood scene as a fun and exciting way to keep fit, especially for those looking to tone their stomachs.

Our SUP school includes a range of gear to cater for everyone with boards for adults to small children and adjustable paddles to fit different heights. It is paramount that the equipment is right first to ensure you get the most out of your experience.

Our SUP Surfaris last for a few hours but if you have a special request for a day out then this can be arranged.