Windsurfing in Watamu Kenya

Windsurfing in Watamu, Kenya

Windsurfing is a fantastic sport to enjoy in Watamu, Kenya. Windsurfing is a watersport that combines elements of both surfing and sailing. The board is generally from 2 – 3 metres in size and is powered by wind on a sail. Windsurfing did not emerge as a sport until around 1950 but Polynesian people were some of the first to participate in day trips over the sea on solid boards with vertical sails.

windsurfing in watamu

Windsurfing is often recognised as an extreme sport that provides limitless thrills and excitement in a range of disciplines. However, it is also a great way for the whole family to enjoy a beach holiday or have an active day out on the water at a more laid back pace. Whether your aspirations are to ride big waves, to compete in slalom or course racing, to sail freestyle, or just to sail for fun whilst on holiday with the family, there will be something for you.

Watamu offers great conditions for windsurfing due to the consistent winds and flat water that make learning and progressing that much more effective.

Windsurfing rental

Once you can prove confident use of the windsurfing equipment, rental is free to all Medina Palms residents and property owners. If you are visiting from outside Medina Palms then rental is also possible at the following rate:

Windsurfing hire: $22 p/h